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Hippie Caviar

Hippie Caviar

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~Totally groovy baby~ Our Hippie Caviar is an absolute nutrition powerhouse. Plant based protein, low carb, low cal, it's a great option for any diet. We love this for an easy breakfast option, but you can enjoy it as a mid-day or a late night snack as well. We soak our chia seeds in vanilla almond milk overnight and top with your choice of:

Mixed berries (blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries). Cal: 154, Fat: 10g, Net carbs: 8g (6g fiber), Protein: 4g

Mixed Nuts with coconut flakes. Cal: 289, Fat: 21g, Net carbs: 19g (fiber 6g), Protein: 7g

Gluten free, dairy free


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